Thursday, December 21, 2006

[Security] NISSAN leaks 5.3Million customers personal infomation...

NISSAN leaks 5.3Million customers Personal infomation.

about 5.3Million data was leaked.
Nissan send apologized Letters to 5.3Million people.
Letter fee: 0.5$ x 5.3Million = $2,650,000

I was surprised to Nissan collect 5.3 million information in one year.
5.3Millon / 365Day = about 15000 People / Day
Nissan collect 15000People data per day!

The following is a summary of the key findings:
  • Based on the limited information supplied by the magazine, Nissan has been unable to match that database with one that exists inside the company.
  • Although the alleged outside database does not match with our own internal database, our investigation has identified certain matching items that could have only been sourced from inside the company.
  • Based on our extensive research, Nissan has been able to identify that certain internal data may have been sourced from an old customer database. These findings are supported through vehicle model codes (model type, base, class etc.) that are exclusively used inside the company.
  • From the data investigations, we have concluded that the most likely timing for the leak to have occurred was between May 2003 and February 2004.

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