Wednesday, January 17, 2007

[Microsot] MS07-002 Excel patch has probrem at Chinese,Korean and Japanese version of Excel 2000.

MS07-002 and Japanese edition of Microsoft Excel 2000 has probrem.
If apply MS07-002 with Japanese edition of Excel,
sometime (not always) can't open Excel file.
Probrem is occured Excel files create with Korean ,Chinese or Japanese version of Excel 2000.
and open with Excel 2000 in these langages.

this probrem occurs in the phonetic information at
Excel 2000 file create
Excel 2000
does not open some files after you install security update 925524 that is
documented in security bulletin MS07-002

Excel 2000 is not supported in WSUS(Windows Software Update Service) or Microsoft Update.
this reson not so big influence in Japan.So people who patch by hand or Office Updated has occurs this probrem.(but supported in Office Update)

Microsoft has *NOT* release patch,but they still open trouble patch in public.Microsoft need to stop providing Office2000 patch! right now and release patch.

Microsoft Re-Released MS07-002. After 6hour i post this blog. :-)
Detail are in Microsoft Security Research Center Blog.
Shown like this.

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Alexis said...

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