Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ichitaro Zero-Day Exploit and Targeted Attack was Available.

Japanese famous word processing software Ichitaro’s Zero-Day Targeted Attack is now in wild.
10 Apr Justsystems has released Ichitaropatch of Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

What is Ichitaro?
In Japan Ichitaro is most famous word processing software from 1985 to 1995.

18 million Ichitaro was shipped. (from Justsystems Page)

In 1990’s Ichitaro was famous software according to called as word processor.

A lot of government office uses Ichitaro in there office.

Recently, Ichitaro is replacing Microsoft Word. But Ichitaro is still using in government.
And there official documents.

Why Zero-Day Targeted Attack.
According to most famous word processor in government in Japan Ichitaro is a target of Targeted attack.

And more Ichitaro does not have automatic update for them.
You should download security patch and fix it one by one.
If patch has released but most all of Ichitaro does not patched for long time.
Like Blaster worm in Aug 2003 and Microsoft.
After Blaster worm Microsoft has released automatic update (Windows Update).

I think Justsytem must have be release automatic update to there software.

A similar weakness of Ichitaro and targeted attack was in wild at Aug 2006.
This is second time to Justsystem.

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