Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Windows 2003 Server Service Pack2 Japanese Edition probrem on using icacls.exe.

On post in, Windows 2003 Server SP2 Japanese Edition has little problem... (Japanese Only)

Uchikoshi as Staff said that

"icacls.exe" can't run in Windows 2003 Server SP2 Japanese edition.
(Both Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition+SP2 and Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition+SP2)
Running icacls.exe ,some unknown word output on cmd.exe.
But nothing happen...

Windows 2003 Server SP2 English Edition of icacls.exe done well.
Running English “icacls.exe” on Windows 2003 Server SP2 Japanese Edition done
(Of course help messages or display messages are English)

gentoo post below

Add “_tsetlocale( LC_ALL, _T( ".OCP" ) ); “ to Japanese “icacls.exe” binary
code will shown pretty good.
Thus maybe “icacls.exe” file forgotten LOCALE setting…

Maybe Windows 2003 Server 2003 SP2 Japanese Edition will Re release again...

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