Sunday, September 16, 2007

Finally F-Secure Blog to be Weblog2.0 :-p

F-Secure Blog to be Weblog2.0!!! they are changing!!!

Here is F-Secure Weblog2.0

and this is still Weblog1.0

What is deference between Weblog2.0 and Weblog1.0???
Only Permanent link ware made?

We'll update the indexes next week. In the meantime, please provide your feedback.
I thought only two things about F-Secure Weblog2.0.
  1. Please set indivisual Page title to posted title.
    this became weblog or bookmark seen very easily.
  2. Please set category or label of posts.
    this became post seen clearly.
please Hold out, We will expecting you!

(18 Sep 2007 update post)
F-Secure recieve my feedbacks!!!
1 - We will be adjusting the individual Page Titles soon.
2 - We'll investigate the option.

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