Tuesday, September 25, 2007

[SECURITY]Hospital biohazard! (Computer) virus spread in hospital.

FUJAX virus kills hospital of Chiba national university network. (http://www.ho.chiba-u.ac.jp/)
Asahi newspaper said that Sep 5 virus spread into network.
And then confusion occurs in hospital.
Can't see last examination record.
Can't account the examination.

Hospital of Chiba University decides shutdown Web browsing and E-mail.
And so on still shutting down web browsing and E-mail until today (September 26).
Virus was Newly discovered virus and not detected by anti-virus software.

Discovered virus was newly appeared in china in February.
Perhaps, it is thought as newly appeared type of FUJAX.
Infected route was web browsing.
Hospital staff searching Internet for chart of human body, they infected at site in china.

Hospital will recover network on end of September. But not recover yet (September 26).
Is this incident one of bio? (Non-bio?) Hazard??? YES!!!
Computer virus spread in hospital and shut hospital system down…

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